2 Easy Ways To Test Your Hair Porosity

No one really likes having dry hair. It does not look good and can be very difficult to groom. There are people who have dry hair and there are those that do not and this is determined by what is known as the hair porosity. Hair porosity is simply the ability of your hair to take in and hold moisture. The outer layer of the hair, the cuticle affects how easily water or oil can pass through one’s hair. It is important to know the porosity of the hair so that you can know the best way to treat and groom your hair. You are possibly thinking if it is even remotely possible to test your hair’s porosity and the answer is yes, in fact below are some of the easy tests to check your hair porosity.

How to tell hair porosity

There are some simple tests that will tell you all you need to know about your hair porosity. One of the ways to know how porous your hair is would be the Float Test. This test is fairly simple and it is carried out thus;

hair porosity float test

Float Test: you will need a bowl of water and your hair samples. You can get strands of your hair from a hairbrush or comb. The idea is to put some of the hair in the bowl of water and observe it for up to four minutes. A porous hair will absorb water and sink but if your air has low porosity it will float as it did not absorb water. The test is fairly simple and easy to conduct on your own.

porosity type test

Another method of testing for hair porosity is running your fingers preferably your thumb and index finger on a strand of your hair. In this test, you are looking for bumps or the absence of it. The presence of bumps on a strand proves that you outer hair layer can hold moisture because it is lifted which means high hair porosity but the absence of the bumps means low hair porosity because the outer hair layer is not lifted and it will not let water or oil to pass through the hair.

Hair porosity is important for healthy hair. If your hair suffers low porosity then you simply need to go for the right hair grooming products and treatment.   



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