6 Things You Should Know Before Going Natural

Today I wanted to help those of you who are unsure about if going natural is right for you. This is a judgement free zone so whether you decide to go natural or not is up to you. I went ahead an answered the 6 most common questions people have when it comes to going natural.

1. Do I have to big chop?

The answer is no. You have two options when it comes to going natural. You can, if you want to do a big chop. A big chop means to cut off all your relaxed hair at once. This may or may not leave you with very little hair depending on how long it’s been since your last relaxer. If short hair is not your preference you can also transition. Transitioning means letting the relaxer come out of your hair naturally over time. During this time you will be working with two different textures of hair. The relaxed ends and the kinkier/curlier natural roots. This process can be a bit difficult which is why most people make use of protective styles.


protective style , why you should go natural

2. What exactly is a protective style?

Protective styles are hair styles you can leave your hair in for a long period of time. This is helpful because you will not need to manipulate your hair for this time. During transition your hair can be sensitive, so the less manipulation the better. Popular protective styles are braid, weaves and wigs. These styles are great to adopt while transition.

Protective styles can also be use after a big chop. To switch up your style or just to help your natural hair grow. Less manipulation also promotes hair growth.

3. Are natural hair care products expensive?

This one is hard to say exactly yes or no. It really doesn’t have to be. For most people it’s the trial and error of finding products that work well with their hair and texture that may be on the expensive side. When you first start your natural hair journey, invest in trial or sample sizes first. Test the product once or twice to see how well the product takes to your hair and texture before investing in the full size products. Some people turn into product junkies, which is fine for them but that can get very expensive. If your trying to stay low budget;

* Invest in sample and trail sizes 

* Don’t be afraid to buy less popular, store products. Expensive doesn’t always mean good when it comes to hair care.

* Once you find something that works stick with it for a while, before trying to find something better

If it works, don’t make it complicated. Once you’ve found your products don’t make your life complicated by adding on more stuff than you really need. Keep it simple: co-wash, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in condition, cream for your curls, oil or oils of choice

4. How long does it take to transition?

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This also really depends on your hair and how well you take care of your hair. Most people see most of their hair transition after a year or two. The right formula of products, diet and genetics will have your hair full transitioned fast and within a year. Some will take longer.

* Whole foods   

 * Clean diet

* Oils                 

 * Lots of water

* Hair boosting supplements

* Less manipulation   

* No, less heat

* Deep conditioning

These can all contribute to hair growth.

how to tell your natural hair pattern

5. How do I figure out my hair type/curl pattern?

There are many recourses online that can tell you what category you fall into. You really want to take a few strands of hair, use a guide and examine the strands. Classifications: straight (type1), Wavy hair (type2), curly hair (type3) and Kinky hair (Type4). They all come with their own subcategories. Now this is not the end all be all. Most women have one or more types. But it’s important to identify your type or types as a way to help navigate through your journey.

6. What if I can’t commit?

You can’t really turn back from a big chop. But if you transition or have grown out your natural hair and don’t like it for whatever reason, you can always go back to relaxed hair at any time. Protective styles are a good way get the look you desire before you make a final decision. But going back to relaxers is your decision and yours alone. Don’t let anyone shame you, do what is right for you.

I hope you found this information useful. Tell me in the comments below if your thinking about going natural



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