Hair and Body Uses For Essential oils

Hey Diva,

Here at Miami Extensions, we want you to #protectyourcrown , so this week we want to share some hair care secrets for your investment. Let’s get to it! Now that you’re looking good and
feeling good, we want to give you some of the secrets we’ve used to preserve yourfabulousness.

The Number One thing is…avoid shampoo and conditioning products which contains Sulfates, Isopropyl Alcohol, Formaldehydes, and the majority of the names you cannot pronounce,basically try to be as natural/organic as possible. These  harsh and strong chemicals which will strip the hair of natural oils and leave them dry and damaged if used for a prolonged period of time. The other Number One thing is YOU! We want to also pair these oils to your body beauty
regimine. Poppin’ hair and dull skin is a no-no, but that’s why we’re here!

argan oil for the hair , natural hair tips


* Oil #1- Argan Oil

The proclaimed “liquid gold,” Argan oil is used for its amazing qualities. So if you didn’t know, it contains large amounts of beneficial nutrients including vitamin E and fatty acids. Argan oil is often used as a key ingredient in shampoos due to its ability to restore softness, strength, and
shine to hair.

Body-  Can Be Used All Over  

Oil#2  – Sweet Almond Oil

This sweet smelling oil is full of nutrients and vitamins. An excellent promoter of hair growth and breakage reduction. We suggest that you massage your edges with this oil, to keep aid in keeping up with the rest of your protected crown. It’s also excellent moisturizer and hair

Body-  Best For Eyebrows

oils for natural hair

Oil#3 – Neem Oil

So a friend of Miami Extensions says this smells like “chicken grease,” honestly it kinda smells
like old chicken grease. Look at its benefits…promotes healing from irritations, anti dandruff, antibacterial, and even a natural INSECT REPELLENT! Now you know in the heat of the summer,
gnats and flies can be disrespectful. An ancient Indian remedy known as the, “ Cure of all ailments,” this oil leaves the hair soft and moisturized. But back to the smell, when try it, you just
let us know what you think it smells like in the comments. Overall, the benefits out way the smell.

Body- Face, Blemishes and Cuts on skin, under arms, feet

Oil#4 Macadamia

Moisture locker, rejuvenator, absorbs a lot quicker than other oils. This oil softens the hair, eliminates frizz, and a natural detangler. Macadamia nuts contain important essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A and B iron, manganese,folate, protein, and more. 

What is not to love? 

This oil is definitely a must, to add to a deep conditioning treatment. Body- All over, especially a light application on the face during the day or night 

Now that we have you covered from head to toe, we recommend these oils to maintain all of your beauty. (We only want the best for you) An overnight Deep penetrating hair treatment mask is an excellent way to maximize the effects of these oils on the hair. For the best results, be sure to use a conditioning cap over the hair, then wash out with cool or cold water. It would be more beneficial to let your hair air-dry or if you’re in a hurry, blow dry the roots well on a low setting.




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